Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Ron Paul kicked Nine Asses.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Ron Paul on John Stewart's Daily Show 6-4-07

Ron Paul, the candidate who offers honesty, integrity and answers to the problems America faces today.

The North Carolina GOP Convention to Manchester, New Hampshire

News from The Road:

NC Republican Convention: With some problems the convention table got set up and we had a good turn out for Friday. We could not be there for Saturday as we had to get on the road for New Hampshire. The People who were supposed to take care of the table decorations and manning the floor had other more pressing engagements to attend to but Bette Smith did a great job getting everything in order even before we arrived. Jay our new Granny and I got stuck in traffic for miles and miles with road construction but we got there about 11 o'clock to find Bette already going strong. The people there were very interested in Ron Paul, they took a lot of flyers and DVD's so they will be more informed for the primaries.

One fellow came over talking to us and we of course mentioned we were going to New Hampshire, he said he was too so I offered to share a ride for him in the Freedom Wagon.. seems like he already had a ride, he was Gilbert another candidate for President. I nearly fell out; poor guy no one was visiting his table all day long but he was a very nice congenial man.

Looking from the main conference entry. Can't miss Ron's smiling face.

Some really interesting people visited our table.

We left North Carolina late Friday night, about 10 PM and headed towards New Hampshire. It wasn't long before we decided to get some rest, all of us were bushed. The next morning we felt more like driving and made good time. The only problems we ran into was Bette's arm got tired of honking back at the many many people who would come by the RV and Honk. It was great. Late in the afternoon Jay went back to the bedroom to catch some sleep so we could drive all night but soon came out yelling Gheesh make those people stop honking.. he got no rest what so ever due to the horns blowing at us. It was great and shows us that most of America are ready for a change. Tired of the baloney our government is pushing on us and evidently like Ron Paul.

US Army Convoy loved Ron Paul

We passed a convoy of Army guys who went wild yelling and whoo, whooing, this is the only photo we could get of them that turned out at all.. We were going too fast for the camera.

Of course I did most of the driving. lol

Our most frequent chore. Putting more money into the oil company's pockets

When we arrived at Manchester and the debate site there were hundreds of Hillary and Obama and John Edwards supporters. The could only see the front end of the RV coming at them and started whooping and screaming like we were there for them ....until they saw Ron Paul on the was so funny! Their faces looked like someone had hit them with a pie.

As you can see the weather is awful, rain and cold. The furnace has been going all night and the wind and rain is getting steadily worse but hopes are that tomorrow it will be sunny and warmer. The RV did great all the way up here, not a problem until about 60 miles out when we started getting a shimmy in the front end. It shook so much it shook the computer out of the closet, crashed it on the floor. The monitor was busted beyond repair I thought until Jay picked up the pieces and started redoing them. Thankfully the thing works great and we have communication available onboard again.

We have a appointment with the RV Repair shop for Wednesday for repairs and will limp around town for today and tomorrow. Right now we are in the wall mart parking lot and getting a lot of attention right here. Bette is labeling DVD's and Jay is burning them. Buddy is being a referee.


To make sure we are able to stay on the road and continue to work to get a decent honest candidate elected ( Ron Paul of course) please help us out. If everyone of you would just donate $10.00 each month we would have very little problem in continuing our work. Ron Paul is the only chance we feel that this country has to remain free and secure. Please consider helping our country and your family stay free. We are doing all we can to make people aware of the problems we have in this country can you help us? Will you help us? Everyone can afford $10.00 a month and it would buy 3 gallons of gas for us to keep on the road handing out more information and talking to people.

This is not fun folks, it is hard hard work. We do have fun but it is a continuous chore to stay happy and up beat all the time. It is easier when we are not worried about where the next gallon of gas is coming from.